I feel quite privileged to offer my endorsement of Matt Thogerson as he enters the final phase of his undergraduate work at Western Washington University. I first met Matt in 2004 when I moved my family from San Diego to the Camas, Washington. He and my daughter were involved in theatre work at Camas High School and I have followed his progress over the past four years as he pursues his communications/theater degree at WWU. In his senior year at Camas, his performance in the high school production of Les Miserables was astonishing and gave testimony not just to his talent on stage, but his sincere enthusiasm and commitment to pursue a career where he could apply his superb communication and performance skills. Matt has many fine attributes, but those that stand out, in my perspective, include his exuberant personality, his commendable work ethic, his extraordinary creativity, and his high moral character. He is a quality person with tremendous talent and a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in life. If I ran a company and needed to hire individuals to help me succeed in fulfilling our corporate mission, I certainly would want Matt on my team. He is one fine individual.