In which I learn that Public Tweeting for Recruiting is downright socially awkward.

At the @demolicious event this evening in Portland I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to someone about what it’s like to be on the other side.

For non-recruiters the other side might seem like a vague term, but for folks like myself that work with human capitol — it means the talent, the person of interest, the poor unfortunate soul who is so inundated with InMails and Emails that they develop small uncontrollable twitches in their eyes.

For the most part it was the same story — I get at least four messages a day from people that don’t read the content of my LinkedIn profile, or do any research whatsoever.

I decided to share with this particular developer, let’s call him James, that I am trying a new strategy. I feel like it’s an appropriately soft touch, but who knows — perhaps he’d have some insight on the matter.

Lately I’ve been following up unanswered InMails with a polite message, tweet rather, through the massive micro-blogging beaked behemoth that is Twitter. I’ve found Twitter to be really insightful in learning more about the talent as a person — which is awesome; it’s nice working with people you can have a genuine connection to.

That being said, Twitter does have a couple nuances that are hard to work around; including the tricky business of public tweets. If James, for example, doesn’t follow me and I wish to reach him on Twitter, I cannot Direct Message him. Direct Messaging requires a mutually agreed upon relationship of socially-acceptable stalking on Twitter. So in lieu of that oh-so-sought-after status, I am left having to publicly mention the individual.

I’ll admit fault here, I didn’t realize how uncomfortable it can make the talent in doing this and James gave me a lovely analogy to help elucidate this point:

In dating, if you’re out at a bar and you see a pretty person, you might take them aside and offer them a drink — get to know them, make your move in private. But public tweets are the equivalent of seeing a hottie across the room and beligerantly calling out: ‘YOU’RE HOT, LET’S F&%#!!’.

Well James, point taken sir — it appears my college dating tactics won’t carry through to the professional recruiting world. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, they certainly didn’t work then. *Darn*.

This of course leads me to wonder — how can I leverage Twitter? Is it always inappropriate to reach out? Surely there’s no harm in following someone… but is there?

These questions answered and more on the next episode.